About the Journal

In a project that started with the Enlightenment, instrumental concerns have become separated from ethical and aesthetic concerns. In the world of organizations this has led to the often unexamined assumption that the bottom line of a business is predominant and aesthetic concerns are subordinated to the instrumental master. It is the aim of Organizational Aesthetics to provide a place where aesthetics concerns are central. We take art (consciously with a small a) to be of interest for its own sake. We care about beauty because beauty enriches our lives, not because it might enrich our bank accounts. We care about the grotesque, the sublime, the comic, and the elegant because they are part of the richness of human existence. And we care about the richness of the human experience and hope that the journal makes a significant contribution to the larger world beyond our areas of immediate interest.

Organizational Aesthetics is an online, open-source, peer-reviewed journal because we wish to be as inclusive as possible. Our hope is to create a place that is as widely accessible as possible for all who are interested in the ideas, stories, and conversations that we seek to enable with the journal. We hope to create a community where we share our thinking and experiences about the aesthetic side of organizational life as a contribution to advancing the theory and practice of organizational aesthetics.

Organizational Aesthetics is published by The Art of Management and Organization., which sponsors the biennal Art of Management and Organization conference. 


Aims & Scope