Layers of Injustice
Organizational Aesthetics Cover Issue Vol. 1(1)

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Geist-MartinP. (2012). Layers of Injustice. Organizational Aesthetics, 1(1), 112-112. Retrieved from


In the end, this is a VERY powerful story. I sat for moments (even hours) after reading the final page, reflecting back over the story and how it could have gone differently - not the story as it was told, but the events that transpired. The injustice it represents is there in all of our lives in some way or another and yet for most of us, that injustice is not a life or death situation. But what really caught a tear in my throat in the last page was the return to the character we met in the first sentence - the juror that "sobbed uncontrollably". And in the end, that same character - Amy - visited death row, decided to go to law school, and sends all of her grades to the man on trial, Leven, who she helped send to death row.