Desperately Seeking ‘Self-ish’ space: Covid-19, lockdown, and making dens

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ShorttH. (2021). Desperately Seeking ‘Self-ish’ space: Covid-19, lockdown, and making dens. Organizational Aesthetics, 10(2), 41-44. Retrieved from


As I look back on the events of last year, like so many people, my reflections turn to how our home has been central to all that we have done and all that we have experienced. And like so many others during lockdown, our dining room became a classroom, the kitchen table became a meeting space, and the living room became a gym. All this meant our homes became ‘contested spaces’ (Lefebvre, 1991) and as I recently wrote in a book chapter with my co-author Michal Izak, we have suddenly found ourselves in a space with multiple meanings and uses (Shortt and Izak, 2020). We have appropriated and re-appropriated rooms across the landscape of our domestic spaces and perhaps most predominately, the boundaries between work and home have been well and truly broken and re-established.