I Can See the Sea

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WarrenS. (2021). I Can See the Sea. Organizational Aesthetics, 10(2), 45-47. Retrieved from https://oa.journals.publicknowledgeproject.org/index.php/oa/article/view/251


I am someone who loves to travel. I love to experience new places and adventures – it’s one of the things that attracted me to academia, being able to add a few days onto conference trips and scholarly exchange visits so I can explore the varied global locations I’ve been fortunate enough to visit over the years. Even when I’m at home, I travel around the UK a lot to see friends, and I thoroughly enjoy the liminal space that journeying provides, so the ‘stay at home’ imperative of the Covid-19 pandemic has felt especially challenging for me. Although, thankfully, my physical health has (so far) been good, my mental health has fared less well, especially in the early weeks of the pandemic. A first world, middle class, problem for sure, but the lack of freedom to go where I please has hit me hard. No more adventures? A slap in the face. The thought that I might not see one of my sons for months? Winded. He moved to San Francisco just before the pandemic took hold of the UK and US and it’s nearly a year since I’ve seen him in person. If I’d known that back then I don’t think I’d have coped. I am just grateful he got there in time to be locked-down with his love.