Pleasure and academia? Really?
Organizational Aesthetics Cover Issue Vol. 7(1)


Producing Pleasure in the Contemporary University

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Producing Pleasure in the Contemporary University is a collected work published by the brave Netherlands-based publisher Sense, which in recent years has disseminated a growing number of alternative outlooks on higher education, creativity and global perspectives. This volume is the 59th included in the book series Bold Visions in Educational Research edited by Kenneth Tobin (City University of New York, USA) and Carolyne Ali-Kahn (University of North Florida, USA). The series covers the areas of teaching and learning to teach, together with research methods in education. However, its stated purpose is not to propose generalisations or standardisation of methods, but rather to illustrate diverse examples of perspectives and practices for practitioners and novices. The present volume is well embedded in the series' themes and purposes, and contributes originally by bringing the higher education scholars' own educational and scholarly practice to the surface. The theme the authors have chosen to write about -the pain and pleasure of scholarly work - cannot be investigated except by means of intimate narratives. Understandably enough, many of the methodological tools used and described in this book derive from reflexive methods and authoethnography, which makes the narratives not only relevant but also pulsating with academic life.